Do you know about two step verification in whatsapp?

whatsapp two step verification

Indians are in the top of the world in using social media facebook recently told that they have more number of users from India itself. Indians also using the facebook related app whatsapp. We can’t expect the smart phones who are not having watsapp hackers are now targeted whatsapp also. So, whatsapp bought a security feature called two step verification.

This is how we do two step verification… ?

Open whatsapp and press at the right side top. Then go to settings . press on account option then you will see two step verification. To endable that you have to set six members or digit pin. Enter the pin two times and also the email for twice. There is an option that you can stop with email ID. Email ID will help you whenever you forgot your pin. Then two step verification  gets enabled. There is a choice of disabling this option if wouldn’t want. You can also modify pin and email ID. If you need more security you can enable this option.