She was a daughter of tea master.. and now well-known cricketer

tea cricketer master

Hard work is the base to get success in any sector. There were many examples under this. There is also a bowler in Indian women cricket who comes under this section. Once her family is very poor. Even though their father put his efforts to see his daughter as a future cricketer. She also grab the support from her father and did the hard work. Now she is in international cricketer with many followers. She is none other than Ektha Bisth.

Her family is from Almora, Uttara Khand. Ektha is very interested in cricket from childhood. She started playing cricket from 6 years of her age. She used to play with the boys around her. And she is the only girl in the team. Her father Kundhan Singh Bisth never warned her. Instead he used to encourage her. He noticed her interest towards cricket and joined in a cricket academy.

Kundhan Singh Bisth was working as a Havildar in Army. The salary he earning was not sufficient. And he started selling tea. He came out from the Army and made tea business as a full time job. Ektha didn’t make her father’s efforts down. She got selected to national team very early. With that their financial status become somewhat better. She also played some international matches and proved her talent. Recently she got selected to world cup and gave a wonderful performance against Pakistan. She took 6wickets in that match. She got many follower allover India with that performance.