Do you how lucky to have a short girl as a wife

short girl lucky

Normally girls like the tall guys very much. They dream to have a husband like Prabhas and Mahesh. Boys dream of tall girls Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma. But actually compared to tall and sexy girls short girls look more beautiful. And having them is very lucky for the boys. Let’s know how it is… Short girls seemed to be chubby and beautiful. They look cute when they are laughing or getting angry. They look like small girls against their age. Short girls feel themselves as a small kids. And they do shopping like kids itself. Short girls are very strong towards their love and won’t leave forever. The food they eat also very less. Short girls kiss by standing on their toes. Lovers are saying that is an awesome experience. There will be no trouble for dressing. They look sexy when they wear high heels. It is easy to carry them.