Do you know what happens if man and woman marry who have same zodiac sign

Do you know what happens if man and woman marry who have same zodiac sign

As per Hindu tradition they used to check Jatakam of boy and girl for their marriage. If they meet well together along with their zodiac signs and all then only they give green signal for the marriage. There is a huge belief of great relationship between marriage and astrology. Epics were saying that our zodiac signs who have decided as per our birth time decides good and evil in our life. An unforgettable movement in every one’s life is Marriage. Is it good to marry boy and girl who have same zodiac sign? That’s why purohit told it is better to marry the people who meet zodiac signs sufficiently.

The persons who born with Aries sign has more ego. If boy and girl having same sign get marries then there will be more issues between them. They prefers their own way so it did not work out as per astrology.

The persons of Taurus sign have stability. If they get married then their relationship will be very strong. They share everything each other. They have good taste towards sports and cooking.

Gemini signed persons are so cool. Their energy level are so high. If wife or husband gone down then the remaining can take care of the things. If they got married their relationship will be very successful.

The persons of Cancer sign are sensitive. They always show better work potential than remaining. The couple with this sign may have different emotions. They may learn new things from each other.

It is better not to marry the persons who have Leo sign. If it happens the match will be war between two lions.

Virgo signed couple are a better match. They have equal hopes towards each other. They live happily with healthy love and affection. They also match their likes. And helps each other in hard times.

The persons of Libra sign wants other to be honest. They hide their opinions inside. And also the love.

If Scorpio signed persons got married there will be chance of ego, misunderstandings and doubts between them.

Sagittarius signed people have healthy competition between them. They enjoy that competition. Even though they have opposite opinions they built their own platform to express them. Sometimes there may be chance of issues.

The marriage of Capricorn signed persons is acceptable. They live very good life with mutual understanding.

If Aquarius signed people got married it is difficult to face their internal powers. Even though they attract with their modern opinions, broad mind sometimes they can’t control their emotions. It leads to separation in marriage bond.

The persons of Pisces sign are great advance thinking. It will be a dream to match these kind of people. So it is better not to try. These persons always do their hard work to reach their wonderful dreams.