That is what the reason behind the failure of Chittor Nagaiah: Ravi Kondala Rao

ravi kondala rao chittor nagaiah

The wonderful, versatile actor of ancient times Chittor Nagaiah. He is the first star hero of South. And the first to get 1 lakh remuneration in 1950s. He faced many troubles in his final days. He almost didn’t get money for his cremation. Why this situation has been arrived to that great personality? The reasons are revealed by senior actor Kondala Rao in an interview to a YouTube channel.

‘When I went to Madras Chittor Nagaiah had a house for every street. He had a garden in middle of the city. There were many properties on his name. He used to distribute his money to the people. He also produced some movies. At that time he served the food to the people who were coming to watch the shooting. There were no count how many people are eating and who are eating in his office.

Ghantasala also told many times that he had food there many times. ‘The justice beyond his ability won’t suit anybody’… a proverb comes true in his matter. Because of over helping he faced many financial troubles in his final days. He worked for Rs.5 to 6 thousand in his last days who has taken one lakh remuneration when he was in peak stage. Finally he didn’t even find money to his own cremation. MGR who came to see his physical body had given 6 thousand rupees for his proceedings.