Good News: 1,248 Jobs in NRHM

1,248 Jobs in NRHM

For Unemployed youth of telangana government gave good news. National Rural Health Mission(NRHM) scheme implementation for different categories 1,248 jobs accepted. Health Minister Laxma Reddy represented state health society event committee meeting held on Friday (July- 22) at Hyderabad. NRHM allotted Rs. 1,533 crore spent for state health society permission. Part of this 50 beds for Mother child of 5 more hospitals decided to arrange.

Under NRHM last year Rs.532.86 crores, this year Rs. 1000 crores total of Rs. 1,532.88 crores got permission to spend.  With Rs. 10 crore labour rooms renovation, Rs. 8.5 crores for 3 High Dispensary units, 2  ICU’s installation decided in meeting. Under “AMMA ODI” Scheme 40 vehicle schemes are there.. for future needs another 200 needs to buy. For disease control 1 per each district centers decided to be arranged. 31 districts centers should posses disease control centers to be arranged.

Child Health Savior Actions,

Child health savior activities in Niloufer Hospital 12 Kangaroo mother care units, 22 dialysis units, 12 DEIC decided to arrange. Two breast milk banks, 10 thousand children new born screening to be done, also decide to arrange 7 SNCU’s.

Control diseases with the help of ICMR: Non controllable diseases (NCD) confirmation needed technical knowledge, helps states Indian Council of Medicine Research(ICMR) declared. Friday (July-21) Minister Laxma Reddy consulted with ICMR represented team. Heart, Liver, Kidney diseases before identified system represented telangana is in first place.