For one time meals Mumaith turned dancer

Mumaith turned dancer

Present movie actress, celebrity just by name people recognize Mumaith Khan, Once struggled to get one time meals would you believe that? Do you know how her movie career started? These are some special details of her life.

Mumaith’s mother is a Pakistani, her father is a thamilian. Many years ago Mumaith’s grand father emigrated to Mumbai from Pakistan & sheltered in Mumbai. He gave her daughter to her choice person. They had five daughters. Mumaith Khan is eldest of those five children. Children growth become difficult, she had shared responsibilities of her father by working for Rs. 1500 in a dance troop. At that time only her talent came out. Movie industry came to know about her talent through her dance.

Mumaith’s sister Jogin khan also a dancer. She had acted in some tamil movies as well. In Puri Jagannath’s Movie Pokiri song “Ippatikinka Na Vayasu Ninda Padahare” item song introduced her to telugu audience, after that she got many opportunities. Nearly in 40 hindi movies, telugu, kannada she has performed. Straight forward talking mumaith khan is under SIT investigation process now.