Can we have the meals right after a holy bath?

holy bath after

The wastage in body will come out from the small openings of skin. Sometimes these openings may closed down. With this some of the pollute particles stays inside and mix with the blood. It leads to many diseases. To avoid this situation we have to do a holy bath once in a week. Let’s see what are the ingredients needed for holy bath.

Coconut oil, Ghee or any type of oil. A special floor which is a mix of green gram floor, chick pea floor and rice floor and soap nuts. If you use these ingredients to do the bath then it is called as a holy bath. Just do the massage to whole body with any oil. And stay idle for 15 mins. Add water to the mixed floor and paste it to whole body. Later massage the whole body. Later add soap nuts to hair and do the bath with hot water.

The heat of water should not be more than 105 to 110 degrees. After the bath with hot water it is needed to do the bath with cold water. And dry yourself with smooth towel. Wear smooth cotton clothes. But you should not eat any food or meals until one hour after the holy bath. You can take butter milk, fruit juice or milk after half an hour.