In Fidaa Bhanumathi’s Sister role was done by.. T news channel Anchor

In Fidaa Bhanumathi’s Sister role was done by T news channel Anchor

Now wherever you see Fidaa talk going on. Mainly discussion is about three characters in fidaa… one is Bhanumathi, second her sister Renuka, third is American guy (Hero).

Bhanumathi: Exactly telangana girl attitude actor Bhanumathi(Sai Pallavi) is tamilanadu’s kotagiri. While participating in dance shows unexpectedly she came into movies. She completed doctors course in Georgia. With premam movie she is well known as malar, Sai Pallavi has set her trend &  is now known as Bhanumathi in Telugu States.

Renuka: In Fidaa movie Bhanumathi’s sister role played by sharanya pradeep is a Nizamabad  districts subash nagar resident.! Sharanya has started career in a local tv as an achor… after that she had reached wide audience with theenmar news. Now she is working in T news for Dhum Dham news as an anchor. In this period only.. she came to know about fidaa movie auditions and selected in auditions. She is being a Nizamabad lady, as well knowing telangana, experience as news anchor helped her in this endeavor.

Varun Tej: Mega compounds realistic hero Varun Tej.. from his first movie he had experimented with roles and had chosen good roles. From Kanche to Fidaa he had played different role showing his talent in every role. In he has competed with Bhanumathi role & got accolades for his acting abilities.